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  • Couch to 5K

    NHS Choices forum for the Couch to 5K community. Couch to 5K is a nine-week running plan for complete beginners, delivered through a series of podcasts. Download the Couch to 5K podcasts here: read more

  • British Lung Foundation

    The British Lung Foundation is the leading lung charity in the UK providing support, raising awareness and funding research. This community is a source of support and advice for anyone living with a lung condition - including their family and carers. Support is provided on the whole range of lung conditions ranging from the more common COPD and Asthma to the less well known conditions such as Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, Bronchiectasis etc. Our Helpline - 03000 030 555 - is available to anyone living in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, providing guidance on how to manage and live with your condition. ... read more

  • Weight Loss NHS

    A space for people who need to lose weight to get information, support and motivation. Download the free NHS weight loss plan ( - a 12-week plan designed to help you lose weight the healthy way and keep it off! You can claim an 'I did it!' weight loss badge for your profile from the administrator for: -Losing 5%% or more of your bodyweight -Reaching a healthy BMI score below 25 -Completing the NHS Choices 12-week weight loss guide... read more

  • Myeloma America from Patient Power

    Patient Power provides resources that support patients and caregivers in building the confidence, knowledge and hope to live well with cancer. Patient Power connects communities of cancer patients through video programs, webcasts, transcripts, live in-person meetings and other means, in partnership leading medical centers and organizations, as well as patient advocates and patient organizations.... read more

  • Heal My PTSD

    The Heal My PTSD forum is a safe, supportive and informative space where survivors and their caregivers can connect to others with similar experiences. It is run by volunteers, which are PTSD survivors themselves. It was founded by award winning author and blogger, Michele Rosenthal, who has since moved on to other projects. This community is based on mutual support, exchanging experiences and ideas for healing. Our vision is to provide support and practical tips on how to cope in daily life with various PTSD symptoms (anxiety, depression, fear, flashbacks, nightmares, intrusive thoughts, hypervigilance, dissociation and others) as well as share successes and ideas for recovery. Our personal experiences and recovery journeys are unique but by connecting to others we discover that there are things we can relate to and that we truly aren’t alone. ... read more

  • Healthy Eating

    The Healthy Eating community on HealthUnlocked is a place for anyone to discuss all aspects of nutrition, from specific foods to recipes and more.... read more

  • CLL Support Association

    The CLL Support Association (CLLSA) is a patient led support charity founded in the UK In 2005. The remit of the CLLSA is to provide support to CLL/SLL patients and their families by keeping them informed of recent and relevant developments in CLL/SLL treatment and research and to provide opportunities for awareness raising and mutual support. The association has a dual role of encouraging education and self development while working to improve access to CLL/SLL treatments and care that will improve outcomes. CLLSA at HealthUnlocked brings together an international on-line community to allow sharing of experiences of living with CLL/SLL within a supportive group who do "get it", supported by reliable international information resources and perspectives. This partnership will with your help continue to develop as a resource that helps many... read more

  • Parkinson's Movement

    Parkinson's Movement has been devised by people with Parkinson's for people with Parkinson's. An initiative of The Cure Parkinson's Trust, Parkinson's movement aims to seek the opinions of those with Parkinson's to help shape research and best clinical practice. The Cure Parkinson's Trust has one bold aim: to cure Parkinson's disease. We fund innovative projects and inspirational scientists with the aim of building momentum towards a cure. We improve communication and promote collaboration between researchers. We were founded by patients and involve patients in our work.... read more

  • HFI Connect - Hepatitis

    We are a peer support community for people affected by hepatitis. It is run by The Hepatitis Foundation International (HFI), a non-profit organization established in 1994 working to eradicate chronic hepatitis for 500 million people globally. Here you can connect with others like you, ask questions, share your experiences and support one another. HFI also runs a community for people living with HepC: ... read more

  • Fibromyalgia Action UK

    Up to 2.7 million people in the UK live with Fibromyalgia (Fibro) & the awareness of this condition remains very low. Fibromyalgia Action UK (FMAUK) is a registered charity raising awareness & making evidence-based information about Fibromyalgia easily accessible. Fibromyalgia Action UK uses HealthUnlocked to provide those living with Fibromyalgia a way to communicate with others & share their experiences. We have community volunteers who also live with Fibro that work hard at maintaining a supportive & friendly community atmosphere. Many members post about diagnosis, research findings, treatments & all things Fibro plus we have regular polls, which starts interesting discussion within the community. If you have Fibro we hope by joining our community, you will gain knowledge about Fibro & find talking to others who understand very beneficial. ... read more

  • Endometriosis UK

    Endometriosis UK is a charity which provides vital support services, reliable information and a community for those affected by endometriosis. ... read more

  • NRAS

    Welcome to the community for people with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). This is run by the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society (NRAS) and exists to help you find support and information from other people living with RA. You may be newly diagnosed or have had RA for some time or you might not have a diagnosis yet - everyone is welcome! NRAS also support people with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) and other forms of inflammatory arthritis. NRAS is a UK based charity providing support, information and advocacy for people with rheumatoid arthritis and juvenile idiopathic arthritis, their families, friends and carers. Our vision is for everyone with RA to be able to live the life they want to. We have a helpline which is open Mon-Fri, 9.30am - 4.30pm and is free for landlines. We also have a huge range of free information booklets available to order or download from our website.... read more

  • Pain Concern

    Pain Concern works to improve the lives of people living with pain. Pain Concern runs a helpline and publishes information leaflets and a magazine Pain Matters, aimed at informing ordinary people about pain. The charity campaigns for better pain services and a better understanding of the needs of people living with pain. Pain Concern is partnering with Able Radio to broadcast Airing Pain: the radio show for people in pain. It will look at a wide range of topics with the aim of easing every aspect of life for people in pain. Once a fortnight, Airing Pain will bring patients and healthcare consultants together to talk about the resources that can help.... read more

  • Fertility Network UK

    Fertility Network UK is a registered charity (1099960) that provides essential support services to the 1 in 6 couples that struggle to conceive in the UK. It is our mission to raise the profile and understanding of fertility issues in all quarters and to strive for timely and consistent provision of infertility care throughout the UK. Our HealthUnlocked community is a place where you can receive peer to peer support from others who are struggling to conceive. ... read more

  • StepJockey

    StepJockey is a team on a mission to label the stairs of the world for calorie burn to encourage physical activity in the workplace, help tackle obesity and promote fitness in organisations. The idea is grounded in behavioural economics or ‘nudge theory’ and allows you to rate any set of stairs in the world for calorie burn. Once you have your smart posters you can use the free StepJockey app to track and gamify your activity. It takes just one person to label a set of stairs to have a positive impact on everyone who passes them. We already have over 3,500 buildings rated all over the world and with your help we can make the world a gym. If you want to find out more check out ... read more

  • NCT

    We are the UK’s largest charity for parents. We give you accurate, impartial information so that you can decide what’s best for your family, and we introduce you to a network of local parents to gain practical and emotional support. Call our Helpline on 0300 330 0700.... read more

  • My Ovacome

    FREEPHONE SUPPORT LINE 0800 008 7054. We are a national support charity who provides information and support for everyone affected by ovarian cancer. We also provide a nurse-led telephone and email support service staffed by experienced professionals that can answer clinical questions, talk through the issues, and provide emotional support, advice and chat. Ovacome is a membership organisation, it is free to join and members receive a welcome pack, a quarterly magazine full of useful information including information about the latest ovarian cancer research, trials, news from our members and an invitation to participate in our Members' Day and AGM in the Spring. If you would like to join Ovacome please phone us or email us at and we will post you a registration form. We are here for people affected by ovarian cancer.... read more

  • Thyroid UK

    Thyroid UK is a charity that supports people with thyroid disease and related disorders. We support people by informing them of various aspects of thyroid health and testing as well as other conditions such as adrenal deficiency, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and genetics that affect thyroid function. You can support us by joining which includes a quarterly magazine and discounts off supplements... read more


    This HealthUnlocked Community is run by LUPUS UK - The national registered charity supporting people with systemic lupus and discoid lupus and assisting those approaching diagnosis. This community is available for anybody affected by lupus to get information, support and advice from other people who are similarly affected. The community discusses a wide range of topics including; diagnosis, symptoms, medical appointments, medications and support available.... read more

  • Diabetes & Hypertension Help Society

    The diabetes and hypertension community is your place to ask questions, get answers and support others impacted by the condition. It is open to everyone all around the world who have been impacted by diabetes and hypertension.... read more

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