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Older vs Younger

i get people in their 70’s telling me at 49 that i did the right thing in having...

Implants, Vacurect, and Elator/Erektor

Hi there, What experience does anyone have with a penile implant, inflatable or...

3+4 gleason score with a 3.5 psa

knowing all i know now 3 years after surgery, I would have taken my chances and ...

Right Side Only

I use the Trimix injections but I have noticed It only works on the right side a...

ED and semen

i have had ED problems since a car accident in 2012 when the nerves in my lower ...

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Scary First session near Priapism with trimix...Help!

Last week I went to my urologists office for initial injection training for trim...

Low-intensity Shockwave Therapy (LiSWT) for ED?

Anyone have any experience with LiSWT for ED? Many of the Testosterone mills (s...

in case you didn’t know

You can't get an erection if you see a bear

one minute video about erections

How Ed doctors should start a consultation

Short video about ED

Cialis and psa increase

I am wondering if any other male out there May have noticed that since taking Ci...

How long

I had radical robotic prostrate surgery in April started taking sildenafil, and ...

ED Penile stimulator- any success

Has anyone tried the Penile Stimulator- route for ED? My Uro tells me I shou...

62, diabetic and no libido at all

Hi everyone- my boyfriend of three years is a type 2 diabetic. He isn’t overweig...

erection problems

other than medications and vacuum pumps is there any other treatment that works ...

ED and Grief

ok first time posting here, trying to keep this somewhat short. I’m 44, married...

when is the online meeting?

I am looking for an ED on line meeting?

Yes to Wellbutrin

It's the one good thing about it. Zoloft made me totally depressed. That was the...

Use of ED ring

Hi All, I'm a new member to this group so I apologise if this question is a c...

Sexual Restoration for Gay men

Tadalafil daily

Anyone do this (5mg)? Any problems? Thanks!

What does "loss of desire" really mean?

This is my first post. I'm starting hormone reduction very soon. What does "loss...

Trouble with Trimix Injections

I seem to get a swelling and bruising often and I plump up a bit, but I don't ge...

Difficulty with day time erections

I have a strong sex drive. My problem is I find my penis usually erect while sl...

ED problem

Got ED after prostatectomy , need your advice

How high can I dose with trimix 27mL/1.2 mg/20 mcg trimix? Right now, need cock ring with 4 units (.4 MG/Ml). Can I get "rock hard"?

How high can I dose with trimix 27mL/1.2 mg/20 mcg trimix? This is a step up fro...

Erectile dysfunction?

Hi, Im now 40 years and have always had a very active sexlife and also a very r...
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