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PBC Awareness Month is September - share your piece of the PBC Puzzle

International PBC Day is on the second Sunday of September each year – this year...

Free webinar on becoming a better advocate for yourself

Webinar from NORD How can you be a better advocate for yourself in a healthcare...

Metals Used in Surgery - Autoimmune Diseases

Do any of you with PBC have metal screws or plates in your body from surgery? I...

Dinner / Educational meeting in NM

For patients and caregivers in Albuquerque NM area.


Hello, I was just wondering if anyone with PBC has ever gotten approved for dis...
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PBCers organization is a community dedicated to providing reliable information and support to its members abou... Read more

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The PBCers Organization is a Support System for Primary Biliary Cholangitis patients, family & friends. We offer PBC education, help, support, raising funds for research & advocate public awareness.