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Nose Sores

Hi all,I'm going through diagnosis at the moment for lupus/multi connective tiss...

Organ damage in SLE is linked to cognitive dysfunction

Levels of disease activity showed no association with cognitive performance by ...

B-cell protein sBCMA may be useful biomarker of SLE activity in children

Study finds high levels of this immune system protein in untreated SLE children ...

Autoimmunity may be due to failure of debris-clearing macrophages

A failure of tingible body macrophages (TBMs), a type of immune cell tasked with...

Enzyme tied to inflammatory immune cell activity in lupus

Fumarate hydratase helps to control macrophages that drive inflammation Marisa ...

Autoantibodies at SLE diagnosis tied to higher risk of disease flares

Patients identified at higher risk of flares may benefit from close monitoring ...

Home dialysis will soon be possible for more kidney patients

Just in time for World Kidney Day, March 9, Israeli company gets FDA nod for gam...

SLE patients may have reduced response to COVID-19 vaccination

Some immunosuppressive treatments also have an effect, study finds by Andrea Lo...

IFN-1 levels before treatment may be biomarker of SLE activity: Study

High levels in lupus linked to fever, risk of future organ damage by Steve Brys...

SLE patients carry unique mix of tongue bacteria: Study

Bacteria diversity correlated with disease activity, post-treatment recovery by...

Better measures of disease severity needed in lupus, study says

Experts urge change in ways of assessing clinical trial outcomes by Marisa Wexl...

Black SLE patients at 19 times higher risk of early heart disease

Black SLE patients at 19 times higher risk of early heart disease US study says...
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