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sulfa allergy/ reaction

Hi there, just wondering if anybody out there with lupus has ever had a reaction...

Chloroquine and eye problems

I was diagnosed with lupus 13yrs ago and was on hydroxychloroquine for approx 7 ...

GMC Revised Consent Guidance Needs YOUR Input

Review of our Consent guidance We’re consulting on our revised Consent guidance ...

Cannabinoids for RA: What Rheumatologists Need to Know

Linda Peckel Nov 12, 2018 Arthritis Studies indicate the benefits of treatment w...

The lupus team at UCLH are hosting a live Q&A session about lupus for Lupus Awareness Month with Prof David Isenberg and Dr Chris Wincup.

Live Q&A Session with the lupus team at UCLH - 16th Oct 2018 The lupus team at U...
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Do you suffer from anxiety and/or depression when living with systemic lupus erythematosus? A revised poll.

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