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Desperate for diagnosis!

I am 51 yrs old, living in a Stachybotrys infected council flat in the uk, I ca...

Help people please

Can anyone please advise on the best way to get tested for what kind of fungal i...

Immunocompromised with persistent candidiasis

Hi, I was hoping for your thoughts. I have had oral and vaginal thrush for ove...

When taking reduced itraconazole from 400 to 200 daily...how should you take?

Should itraconazole capsules taken as 200 mg. a day be taken all at once or spli...

Does anyone take an itraconazole dosage of 200mg. am 100 mg. pm for ABPA?

Just been put on that as the reduced itra. from 400 daily to 200 daily just has ...
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