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  • 4 minutes ago
  • 9 minutes ago
    responded to Headaches
    Hi Ok thanks will try that and in answer to your question no not on any meds or have anyone with migraine in the family.Take care
  • 14 minutes ago
  • 18 minutes ago
  • 25 minutes ago
    responded to Headaches
    Hello maimi. are you taking any meds for your anxiety I recently upped my dose for depression and I have been getting the headache side effect. Maybe ask your Doc if you have symptoms of migraines Has anyone in your family suffered from migraines...
  • 33 minutes ago
    Hello angel. I do get a little worried when I don't see posts for a while. I do feel in some ways that we do make strong connections with some of the members and with all the issues that they have I did notice a few weeks ago that my eyesight was ...
  • 37 minutes ago
    Hi gardener got some of the rescue remedy pastilles to try, will have to check about other meds was going to ask at pharmacy counter but there was long queue, got to get prescription tomorrow will ask then :) xx
  • 40 minutes ago
    I've just been nervous to try anything new because of the Lexapro it's hard for me to take aleve for a headache now since then but if I don't try it I won't know I'm gonna try 600 MG a day st johns wort and see how that does I'm starting today so ...
  • 43 minutes ago
    Getting really fed up with headaches can't go to work can't eat as tend to feel get nausea with them and lightheaded for the past 3 months how can anxiety make you feel like this I don't understand how this is possible? I just feel I'm dying of an...
  • an hour ago
    Yes I did thanks yummi. I have upped my Paxil to 20 mg which is the proper dose and it helps to make me a little more tired at night. Plus I have started to think more about the positive things in my life as I fall asleep... I have a list I go ...
  • an hour ago
    Hi you are on the same mind as me.been looking for a natural remedy for anxiety and mild depression for you I sleep well,but usually waken up with the butterflies in my tummy...Have you tried rhodiola rosea,there are good reports about ...
  • an hour ago
    Hi Steve Really glad you are steadily improving, Xx
  • 2 hours ago
    Hi anxious :-) sorry you are having trouble, I'm sure what ever it is your gp will set your mind at ease... No matter what you may think there is always a life to live for, won't feel like it right now but it's there waiting for you to embrace it...
  • 2 hours ago
    Hello there! I empathise with you. I keep a diary of my ups and downs and it reads like a Library of Rant and Pity. Definitely the clock changes do disrupt everything but I do feel the longer evenings, more daylight hours etc are a huge bonus...
  • 2 hours ago
    thanks for that angel. jasper xx
  • 2 hours ago
    Hi mr and mrs newton. I have been on them too. I had to come off them as well unfortunately due to weight gain. It was an unfortunate side effect! I don't think I had many problems getting off them. Good luck mrs newton and I hope you get on okay...
  • 2 hours ago
    Hi Steve Not posted lately sorry. Been in outpatients yesterday due to a really awful jerking twitching episode which last about two hrs and went on for two days on and off. Head and neck jerked, as well as torso. Just horrendous. Docs non plussed...
  • 3 hours ago
  • 3 hours ago
    Good afternoon Steve:} No I've not heard from her in a while,think i might send her a message to check on her. How are you doing this morning,did you sleep ok? xx
  • 3 hours ago
    I have noticed we haven't heard much from angelofhope lately... Has anyone been in contact with her...much love steve

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