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Cervical Myelopathy

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Best way to sleep without nerve pain?

Hi I have cervical kyphosis and I am struggling to sleep at night because of the...

Almost one year since fusion C3-T1

My surgery was last May. After several weeks of healing that I don’t recall, I w...

Strainge simptoms

I started having 1 hickup numerous times through the day/night everyday it start...

PODCAST: AOSpine Research Top 10 from Myelopathy Matters

Following the success of the AOSpine RECODE-DCM consensus meeting in New York la...

AOSpine Recode-DCM Core Setting Consensus Meeting 17 October 2020 - ONLINE

Hi all. Saturday 17th October was a very special day in the advancement of resea...
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Cervical Myelopathy is caused by deterioration in the spine in the neck leading to compression of the spinal c...

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