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Long Term Surviors - what was key?

For all the long term ovarian cancer survivors - what do you think has been key ...

Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat, please put a penny in the blind mans hat.

Hope this rings a bell with many of you when children. I hope those on you on tr...

Patient information day

Dear Ovacare Organizers, I thank you for all you do and will do. Is there a PATI...

Ovacare Dublin "Coffee and Chat" Sat 19 Jan @11am

We are delighted to let you know our next \"coffee and chat\" will be in Dublin ...


Has anyone experience cold sores or sores on your lip after receiving Doxil chem...
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Were you aware of ovarian cancer before you (or your friend/family member) were diagnosed with it? (Pls say more in a comment)

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