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Do we lose the ability to convert T4 to T3 if we supplement with T3?

This is what somone has just said to me. I've never heard this and would be grat...

Under and overactive thyroid symptoms

Hi people, over the last four years I gave swung from under to overactive sympt...

How NDT content of T4 and T3 is controlled (USA)

I've just found out how in the USA at least and probably elsewhere, the T4/T3 co...

Hyperthyroidism and weight gain

I have a toxic nodule and on carbi 10mg. I'm due surgery for a hemi thyroidectom...

How to get confirmation of hair thinning

I know this isn't a hair thinning section, but I wrote in another community yest...
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If you have been refused T3 or had it withdrawn, was your MP sympathetic when you wrote to/visited in regard to T3 prescribing?