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My Rheumatology doctor is refusing to treat me whilst I am taking T3 which is prescribed by my Endocrinologist can he do this?

My Edno constantly nagging me to reduce T3 I resist and as I say I am feeling be...

Hormone Imbalance Symptom Charts!

Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance!

Brain Fog.

Hello again everyone and thank you for being such a fantastic forum of people to...

Are you feeling extremely fatigued? Ask your GP to check your DHEA / Testosterone & Free Androgen Index!

These are the symptoms of Low Testosterone in women! If you are feeling extremel...

Levothyroxine with MG symptoms

Hi. I’ve got autoimmune thyroid. Hashimoto. I’ve been on Levothyroxine for 11 ye...
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If you have been refused T3 or had it withdrawn, was your MP sympathetic when you wrote to/visited in regard to T3 prescribing?