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GP visit for Thyroxine prescription renewal

Recently had to go for a GP visit to have my prescriptions renewed and I take Th...

Evert thing is prohibited in hypothyroid excpet water...😪😪😪

What should eat hypothyroid patient wheat meal and white rice oat meal sorghoum....

Blood test while on 300mcg thyroxine

Hi what do you make of my levels? tsh 0.006 free thyroxine 33.84 t4 168.5 free ...

Extreme Fatigue/Thyroid?

For about a month now, I’ve been suffering with some really debilitating fatigu...

Endo says I am just not taking T4 correctly!?

Hello, I am sorry to continue this saga, but could I get your opinion on this a...
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If you have been refused T3 or had it withdrawn, was your MP sympathetic when you wrote to/visited in regard to T3 prescribing?