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Hi, I just wanted to give an update on my progress & if anyone feels like sharin...
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heatherb_9 Weeks Winner

2 years!!

Hi everyone! Just thought I'd pop in to say hi and to say that yesterday (01/08/...
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Anna_maggs9625 Months Winner

Weight gain.

Weight gain has made me upset... my thyroid level went down. I stopped smoking...
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still going strong

hey guys i am still going strong through this hard time due to the pandemic but ...
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Jbamford26 Months Winner


Jusy thought is share a sunset from down the road from where I live. I hope ever...
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Teeny8119 Months Winner

Tuseday 6th March . Todays milestone achievers.....

EHMGHIE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 13 Months KENSTER1 >>>>>>>>>>>>>> 6 Months PEPAPOD >>>>>...
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2 years

Wow two years smoke free and still going strong.id like to thank you all for you...
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Mickeyboy196329 Months Winner

Hi all

Well it’s been a while since I last posted on here , I’ve even forgot how long s...
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I think I’m a little cracked

I’m sorry but i have to share this..... A woman was watching 2 council workers t...
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WillowandSola20 Months Winner

Monthly winners

Here are the 🥁 names: Ehmghie Pepapod Salty-1959 Bravo to y’all. You’ve all don...
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Realllly33 Months Winner

Equal Opportunity Twig

Just to show that Bella didn’t get left out. A second after a this photo, Bella ...
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Today I feel

Anxious, I can feel my heart beat and I feel a bit on edge, body still a bit ach...
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Mummabear873 Months Winner

Day 1 AGAIN 😂

Day 1 for me again today! Patch is on but gosh my body aches! 😂 feeling optimis...
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Mummabear873 Months Winner


Its been 6 months and 21 days for me yesterday i had a hamburger in my truck an...
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Roadsgt9715 Month Winner

Two Years ago (two days ago...)

Hello Everyone! I'm here to let you know that every struggle you face you can ov...
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BillPNH25 Months Winner

Milestone Achievers Wednesday 2nd December 2020

A big congratulations to the following wonderful quitters: ukpete - 32 months Ca...
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My home made Xmas tree

Oh Xmas twig, oh Xmas twig how lovely are your branches 🤣
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7 months!! How are you all? Good to be back here again :) I just wanna share i j...
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Arta251818 Months Winner

1st month insomnia and body aches

Hi All - I’m on day 18... almost zero craves thankfully but I went from sleeping...
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Mattie883 Months Winner


Challenging days with health but all the while, clearing out!! The body noticeab...
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4Today2 Weeks Winner

Quitting Vaping 50mg Of Nicotine Before During and After Jaw Surgery

So i know that jaw surgery for me is probably far off in the future. But i want ...
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HighRiserquit vaping

Daily Chat Thursday 3/9/20

Good morning dudes and dudettes. How’s the day going for you? Happy Thursday to...
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NewKarenBadge pending


Everyone knows that smoking is very bad for them (nevertheless around 28 percent...
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I made it! Whoop whoop! 100 days free!

I’ve been using this community for a couple of years and a serial quitter for a ...
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Frostytime17 Month Winner

A better day today

Hi..hi! Today im feeling abit better. Taking thgs slowly and one at a time. Bre...
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One Week In

Well one week into being a NON-SMOKER !!! The headaches are easing up everyday a...

15 weeks 2 days

That’s how long it is since I last smoked Stay safe and smoke free in these str...
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WillowandSola20 Months Winner

No headache dull feeling in head

Hey guys I posted about a week or go and I just wanted to know if anyone else i...
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I'm new here. Anyone have luck with quitting by using vaping as a replacement? ...
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pcsangel64Badge pending

Long time

Hi everyone been a while but with this Coronavirus at home with alot of time on ...
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