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Wednesday Daily Chat 27/7/22

Hi you lovely quitters and welcome to Wednesday 😃 Odd week for me so far, m...

Not doing so well

Just thought I’d post an update. I feel like a lost cause. I was going to stop...
Planning to quit

Daily chat/ Wednesday / 13/07/2022.

Good morning everyone, I will first of all warn you this might be an extra d...

72 hours in, but out of body experiences

Most of yesterday I felt like I was “out of focus” , not even the ground under m...
2 Weeks Winner


What am I? I go at red, but stop at green. Answer is WATERMELON T...

accidentally joined

I don’t know how I managed but I have accidentally joined this group. I gave up ...

Poland declares cats as aliens

Polish institute classifies cats as alien invasive species Why is Poland sa...

a sticky problem!!

can anyone advise how to get these patches to stay stuck in this heat?? I just k...
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What are e-cigarettes?

E-cigarettes are known by many different names, including e-cigs, electronic nic...


Take a break with our weekend wordsearch. >😊

How to Clean Your Lungs After Quitting Smoking

If you’ve recently quit smoking, you’ve taken an important first step toward tak...
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