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Anyone got any experiences of neurologists not understanding lupus please to share with CQC and hospital management (anonymously)

Hello all, after a few of us had a bad experience at my local hospital with neur...

WOWZERS - docs missed a big one! Blood counts

Hi all, So after my ER visit I realized that had actually been considerate enoug...

Research Survey – Share about your disease, journey to diagnosis and the level of support you feel you receive/received from doctors

LUPUS UK are working with researchers at Cambridge University, a group of people...

Getting a consultant referral for a CT-PET scan for relapsing polychondritis?

About 2 months ago, I started noticing chunks of my face rapidly atrophying - no...

What the picture doesn't show - a year later

A year ago, I posted a pic of me celebrating my daughter's graduation from uni, ...
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