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Update on rash 😬

Finally had gp appointment today . I had 3 issues to discuss , the rash , pain a...

Occupational health

So I had my OH appointment yesterday because work referred to me. The doc agree...

Thought I'd be brave and share this! I hope it evokes some commonly shared feelings...I’ve posted it once before but took it down!

The Butterfly and The Hurricane Look how she glows! Colours radiating! Wings p...

Best present ever

So today is my birthday I got this cup !! I think it amazingly sums up my life....

New SLE disease definition: a points tally based on 'ever had' criteria, without need for dsDNA (and maybe ANA) or overlapping symptoms!!!

\"Until now, classification of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) was a yes-or-n...
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