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Nigerian state tackles sickle cell incidence by promulgating law against trait/carrier unions. Different folks, different opinions

The Anambra Sickle Cell Law is one of the best things to happen in Nigeria! - S...

Urgent!!! What drug is best fit for chest infection for SC patient

I am SC, and I am just getting to know there's a prevalent chest infection in SC...

Pregnancy/Labour experience in sickle cell disease

Has anyone with sickle cell disease been pregnant and gone through labour?

SCT causing aches

I’m so glad people are finally talking about this. I and my daughter both have S...

(please respond) Is there implications if a SC patient use CALCIUM to strengthen their bone that feels weak?

I am SC and It's been a year now that I was saved from the claws of sepsis, it n...
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The Sickle Cell Society is Britain’s only national charity for sickle cell disorders, an inherited haemoglobin... Read more
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