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Home after hospital stay FND investigation for blackout and sleep Seizure's any advise how to do what neuro &medic say I must do?🤣

Hi friends, sorry for delay in replying to comments and messages, I was in hospi...

Non active group? Where to find people?

I notice this group is not really active. Where else do you guys go for support...

Neurological Treatment Satisfaction

Hello everyone, I'm a student at the University of Florida conducting research o...


Hello good morning everyone like to check in see how every one copying rememb...


Hello my name is derrian . After 11 yrs of being admitted for strokes and TIAS ....
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History has created a lot of misconception of Functional Neurological Disorders which has led to poor treatmen... Read more

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FND Action is a registered charity working to raise awareness of FND and NEAD in the UK.