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New Member. Like to eat healthy. Vegetarian. Low Carb , diet. Need more protein

Nothing. Read and learn.

Cake in Air Fryer

Has anyone tried baking a sponge cake in an air fryer?

Tonight’s Dinner: Antipasto Salad 1-15-2023

This is what I had tonight for dinner. It’s a gluten free Antipasto Salad. 🥗 ...

Is Intermittent Fasting really Help in Weight Lose?

Hi Folks, Recently I read an article about how intermittent fasting can help in ...


After a prolapse I had a ring Pessary fitted but since then have found my consti...

Today’s Lunch: 1-21-23: Cottage Cheese and Fruit Salad with Greek Yogurt

This is a fruit salad with cottage cheese mixed together. I had a Strawberry G...

Relationship with food

I need some advice on not overeating, bored eating, etc. I didn’t think I overat...

dietary advice

I am so confused - I think I've got a handle on how to pursue a healthy diet the...

Waffle 🧇Sunday: Lunch 1-22-23

This is what we had today for lunch this afternoon. The waffles are gluten free...

Tonight’s Dinner: 1-31-2023

Tonight, we had Veggie Burgers, a gluten free bun, salad with dressing, bac’n pi...

Healthy snack

Healthy snack

Hummus and celery snack

Making a serious effort

Streamed fish, with Chard and rice

My old favourite,easy to cook

Rainbow 🌈 chard

Old favourite, reply if you also live, good nutrition as well
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