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Cruelty to fruit and vegetables?

Does anyone else, and maybe especially those living in cold climates, get really...
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National Soup Month 2022

Hi everyone. This month is National Soup Month. It starts on January 1st and l...
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Thai green curry.

Evening meal today was a delicious aubergine and cauliflower green curry with ho...

Carrot plant

What do I do now i have sown seeds

Strange coincidence

Someone gave me these seeds are they a flower or a actual courgette s

Rose water panacota/Muhallabia.

I've been missing this delicious dessert for months, and today I finally got the...

Dessert for the week.

A great way to eat lots of berries and nuts is to make them into a pie.. I used ...

A warm Green Lentil Salad with Sweet Potato Chips

Hi everyone, I had this meal today at lunch time and enjoyed it. It has simple i...

Super jackfruit tree.

I only bought this tree about 6 months ago and it's turning out to be a super tr...

Evening meal,

Loads of bacon with tomato and choy sum in sourdough olive bread sandwiches.. an...

Meal of the Month

We thought we might start a competition for a bit of fun :) To enter, please pos...
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Christmas chocolates help !

Ate lots of salad with a small bit of pizza . Still loads of chocolates in the h...

New Year's Chat-space

Happy New Year to all our members 🎆 We thought it might be helpful to set up a...
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What vegetable can you grow in a pot

What can I grow?

Today's special.

Fillet steak, fried fresh pineapple, fresh sweetcorn pan baked, fried onion garl...


Growing fast, should i transfer to a bigger pot?

It's not "instagramable" but its delicious and my body loves it

I achieve my goals of eating at least 2 pieces of fruit and 5 serves of vegetabl...

Christmas day dinner 🤗

Pork and aubergine Thai curry, all prepared and cooked beautifully by my 16 year...

Peeling Fruits/Vegetables (An Article)

This article was originally published/written on and by: Alina ...
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One meal today.

It was going to be a delicious moussaka with salad, but I also fancied a few pra...

Which do you prefer? and why?

Mince pies? Christmas pudding? Christmas cake? Yule log? Trifle? or something to...


My goal for 2022. 2 stone has to go . My body feels stiff so I’m hoping to walk ...


Hi everybody, am spending a bit of time getting my new farm started..that famil...

Leftover Vegan/Vegetarian/Gluten Free Chili: Lunch

Hi everyone, This is what I had for my lunch today. I also had a Pineapple on t...
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Saturday night supper

This evening we had a real old favourite for supper. There are so many versions ...
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Homemade Khao Lam.

Bamboo sticky rice dessert..we all love this dessert, though it's most people ea...

Friday Night Dinner: Brisket

I had brisket with carrots, salad with dressing that was homemade Thousand Islan...
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Lunch today.

Lunch today was minced pork with fried onion, garlic, ginger, tinned peas and t...

Fillet steak for lunch.

A very tender fillet steak shared with my daughter for a light lunch today..I h...

Recent research ftom Newcastle and Cambridge university Aprl 2021

That eating organic veg reduces risk of strokes and heart attacks 1) Is enviro...
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