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Lupus diagnosis - how did you get diagnosed and what were your symptoms please

I've had all the following and more but can't remember all my symptoms, and some...

Am I getting Pleurisy again!

Hi My main worries with Lupus are my lungs and kidneys, I’ve been very ill with...

Zentiva- Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate

Is anyone out there on the Generic Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate roundabout again? ...

Please sign this petition - help people in Wales living with Lupus access specialist care

Hi all, Please remove if this isn't allowed. Below is a link to a petition that...

Bilateral chronic, reoccurring mastoiditis/ear infections/glue ear, PET and lupus (sle). Does anyone have experience of this?

Hi fellow warriors :) I have just been diagnosed with sle but I think I started ...
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