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Publicity for lymphoedema in the UK

I was pleased to see an article about lymphoedema in The Guardian just last Thur...


I am now getting big blisters on my legs which I burst and they just keep leakin...

Compression socks and foot drop

I've recently received made to measure open toed, knee length compression socks....

Labial lymph

Any suggestions?

Will lymph mapping ever be available on the NHS?

Denise and Anita discuss lymph mapping in the next in our series of \"Ask the ex...
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Fluid leaking

For a few years I have had a clear, odorless, colorless fluid leaking from my in...

Fluid leaking

I have a question…. I have clear fluid leaking from my leg …. I had this a few m...

Frustrated and would like to know!

I'm new here, just came across this site while searching for reasons for watery ...

Low level laser therapy and lymphoedema

In the next in our series of \"Ask the expert\" Denise and Anita discus how and ...
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Why do some people with lymphoedema experience pain and others not?

In the next in our series of \"Ask the Expert\" Denise and Anita discuss why som...
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Exercise and lymphoedema video

In the next in our series of ask the experts Denise and Anita discuss exercise a...

Care giver burnout

Hello- I have left leg lymphodema- not cancer related- another surgery caused it...
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