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Flu and covid vaccine

I have lymphodaema in my right arm. Can I have both the flu and covid vaccine in...

Any new treatments out there?

Hi, I was just wondering if there were any new treatments out there for lymphede...

Worried About Blue Badge Assessment

I have primary lymphoedema mainly in my legs and have applied for a blue badge a...

Snow Skiing with lymphedema

Since I’ve had lymphedema around 30 years, I’ve have thought about skiing and my...

Cellulitis coming back?

My mom caught cellulitis in her leg almost a month ago. She spent over a week in...

Documentary style video about lymphoedema

The following video portrays some of challenges of lymphoedema. It's about 30 ...


Hi does anyone have trouble swallowing antibiotic capsules? And do they feel lik...

Cold legs

I have lymphodema in both legs other problems with legs as well . Last 3 days ha...

LLLT day 8

Keeping it real for day 8 of Lymphoedema Looks Like this

LLLT day 28

Denise shares her top tips.

Weeping leg

I've worn below the knee compression socks for about five years. Before I start...

LLLT day 30

Thank you team LSN and Anita Wallace MBE
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Lymphoedema Looks Like This day 27

Huge thanks to the research teams in the UK and further afield.
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Lymphoedema Looks Like This - a round up

Thank you all for your support

Lymphoedema Looks Like This day 16

skin care is so much more than a luxury for those with lymphoedema.
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Is it ever OK to take a day off from your compression?

Denise and Anita discuss this and night compression
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LLLT day 29

Our penultimate Lymphoedema Looks Like this - thank you to all the health care p...

LLLT day 11

How people feel about their lymphoedema can change from person to person and fro...
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Day seven

Excellent advice as usual from Denise
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Lymphoedema Looks Like This day 24

Another lymphoedema champion

Lymphoedema Looks Like This day 22

keep sharing


On the home run of our campaign, please keep sharing.

LLLT day 21

Another excellent video from Denise in our \"Ask the Expert Series\" https://you...

Lymphoedema Looks Like This day 20

thanks for sharing Matt

Lymphoedema Looks Like This day 17

We have reached over 30,000 people, please keep sharing

Lymphoedema Looks Like This day 15

Thanks for sharing Stacey.

LLLT day 13

And now for some science...

Lymphoedema Looks Like This day 6

Thanks Lydia for getting involved in Lymphoedema Looks Like This

Free online training for doctors and other health care professionals

This is big news. Please share and encourage your doctor, nurse, podiatrist, phy...


Thank you for your support.
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