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I’m a newbie to this

hi everyone I’m a newbie to this recently diagnosed although I’ve had this swoll...

Losing weight

I was diagnosed with lymphoedema more than 10 years ago. Made to measure compres...


How do I convince my nurse I need more than 7 days antibiotics. Thanks

What next ?

After several bouts of cellulitis I was prescribed Phenoxymethylpenicillin 250m...

bubbling feeling, feeling of fluid moving

See title - is this normal? Have started with thigh swelling following radical ...

Laser hair removal and lymphoedema

Has anybody completed a course of laser hair removal that could share whether it...

New collaborative video.

The LSN has been working with the ILF/ Lymphoedema Wales and Pocket medic to pro...
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Welcome to the Lymphoedema Support Network community. The LSN is a registered charity run by people who live w...

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