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Best clinic for liposuction in Bangkok?

Long story short, I'm traveling to Bangkok soon and I've ever great things about...

Apronectomy after gastric bypass

Hi, I’m new to this forum. I had a Gastric bypass in 2007 and currently have a...

Need help

Hello, I’m Becca, and I’m from hampshire I have a BMI of about 44 and also have...

Newbie: WLS (I’m researching for my MDT to convince NHS to fund me for WLS)

Hi I’m a newbie to this forum. Just looking for personal opinions, stories and a...

Anemia....12 years Post Bypass, How Long does it take to get Ferritin Levels Back Up with Infusion s?

I had Bypass surgery 12 years ago and now struggle with mega Vitamin and Mineral...
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