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Surgery postponed

I recently got diagnosed with a large acoustic neuroma of 2x2.7 cm. I spoke to m...

Should I go to my ENT appointment tomorrow (very high risk group for Coronavirus)

I have an appointment tomorrow about my AN (or not!). I was diagnosed last Octob...

Next step on my journey

I now have pre op date for 6 march and operation date 19 march.quite anxious hav...

Acoustic neoroma and autoimmune

So I'm quite sure my accoustic neuroma does not weaken my immune system or put m...

Questing re:feeling of ear swelling and about hearing aids

My surgery was postponed for AN due to Convid virus. I lost hearing in my left ...
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We are a peer support community for those affected by Acoustic Neuroma (Vestibular Schwannoma), a rare but inv... Read more

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