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Huntleigh Lymphassist pump

I have Lipoedema and am in the process of looking into purchasing a Huntleigh Ly...

Merry Christmas

Hope everyone has a happy and painless Christmas 🎄

Anyone on olanzapine? Do you notice it affects your lipidema?

I have been recently prescribed olanzapine and I am aware that antipsychotics ca...

Keto diet for lipedema? NEW MEMBER as of Nov 1, 2019

I am interested in hearing if anyone has tried and found that the keto diet is h...

Trying to post too much happening at home right now Trying to write my first post, phone ringing, need to cook,etc .

Back later. Can't focus. Feeling anxious and angry about this lymphedema right n...
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We are a community dedicated to supporting those with Lipoedema, which is an inherited disease that makes you ... Read more