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"You're a one off!"; Schwannamatosis; Briviact, long term memory gain; Lamictal/Lamotrigine, 'electric shock' episodes; alergic to morphine

I am 63 years of age had Schwannamatosis [and Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy] since...

Deformed chest, JME, scholiosis, restricted breathing

I have had a deformed chest since birth, left side of chest about 3/4 inch highe...

Schwannamatosis and hands

One of the few people to have this condition, I have had advice that the 'lumps'...

NHS a Health & Safety Risk ?!

My GPs are so busy following the questionable direction of NHS via remit & contr...


Has anyone had any dizziness and slurred speech from having neurofibromatosis? I...
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