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Fasting and Furious
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A day 1 IF experiment, with notes.

Hi, Although I have reduced my eating window a bit, I have still been having co...

Fasting and autoimmune diseases

Hi, When my son was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease I looked into fasting ...

Where to start?

Hi everyone I’d like to know how I go about fasting? Looks to be a good way of l...

Fasting apps and some are free 📱

Hi everyone, I wonder if any of you use these and do you feel that they help, I ...

Badges to encourage Fasting, what would you the members like please?

Good morning everyone, As this is a new group I wondered what badges you would l...
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What fasting method do you practice? single choice and please say what other is, thank you to S11m for the idea for this poll.

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Fasting and Furious is a community to chat about fasting and support others who know what hanger feels like! ... Read more

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