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Aunty Bees Advent Calendar, Dec 10. IMPORTANT FIRE SAFETY INFO and Help for you to stay Fire Safe with Illness that you may not know.

You know you have got a Chronic Health Issue when your next door neighbours hous...

Aunty Bees Advent Calendar. Dec 9. The one thing 'NOT' to cross off your Christmas 'To Do' List , those Medical Appointments.

Before I get a bit Mumsy on today's Post , I thought I might indulge in my first...

New moderator

We are very pleased to announce that poopadoops who you all know as an ambassado...

Aunty Bees PMR, GCA, and Chronic Pain Sufferers Advent Calendar . Dec 11. Festive Pacing in Action . Who is the Snowman?

Are you , like Me, feeling like this fed up and weary Olaf today ? After yester...

Auntie Bees PMR/ GCA and Chronic Pain Sufferers Advent Calendar . Dec 1st . Your Making a List , Your Checking it Twice . Festive Pacing.

So , it's December the 1st ! The season of overindulgence and intermittent Flar...
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