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Important eye information for those who have had cataracts already done and with PMR

I dashed off to the optometrist as I was having blurred and double vision. Turn...

What is going on with the Doctors

So i went to the optician for a regular eye test .he advised me I have bleeding ...

The Lighter / More Reflective Side: Gradually Letting-go of PMR - and also the Legacy of my PMR Journey. Things could be Worse.. ;-)

Greetings All Well, what to say - and how to say it? On the Positive Side (...

Update from me and any comments most welcome.

You may recall I had to go on a very high dose of pred while they did a biopsy t...

These are the things that “weigh” on my mind!

Hmmmm? Flat stones, wedged between wooden slats... that is the ceiling of our ...
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