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Feeling disconnected from the Universe because of your GCA/ PMR and Chronic Pain ? Need a pick me up? Try looking up at the sky tonight!

I think that there is a beauty and poetry in the fact that the partial eclipse o...

IT issues again

Just to let everyone know it looks like we are experiencing more IT problems. T...

Still confused about fatigue

I have mentioned before how I am struggling with fatigue but I read posts from p...

A letter to my Chronic Pain and Fatigue from Auntie Bleary-eyed aka the Bin Lady!!

Dear Chronic Pain and Fatigue, If you are planning to spend the whole day wit...

Blue badge 'interview' Burnt foot... and what now?

Yesterday I went to the local library of another town to be interviewed by an 'i...
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September 28, 2019 12:00

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Polymyalgia Rheumatica and Giant Cell Arteritis UK (PMRGCAuk) is a UK-wide charity set up to provide informati... Read more
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All our services to PMR and GCA sufferers, and their families, are offered free of charge. But we are a very small charity and need all the help we can get to carry on our work.