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Blue Faery Liver Cancer
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DEB TACE procedure

Just wanted to report that my Deb Tace procedure was rough....chemo messed up th...

Starting Sorafenib soon

Hi, I’m new to the forum. I’m a 69 y/o single( lost my wife 5 years ago to cervi...

Seeking four HCC patients in NYC for in-person interview

Four HCC patients (any stage) are needed for a 60 minute in-person interview in ...


Hi everybody! I'm Dave from SW Michigan. I was diagnosed with HCC about 15 month...

CURE Magazine seeks HCC patients on immunotherapy

Independent journalist Sonya Collins is writing a story on immunotherapy for liv...
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Blue Faery’s mission is to prevent, treat and cure primary liver cancer, specifically Hepatocellular Carcinoma... Read more