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Neuropathy pain and hoping for a spinal cord simulator

Hi there good evening to everyone, can anyone advise me on how and where I can f...

Help!! Im not allowed to take no painkillers due to Liver failure caused by the opiates that different consultants put me on.

For over 20yrs I’ve been on opiates, (at that time I knew nothing about painkill...

BACK BRACE I've found some relief, it may be for a short while. But my god it feels great !

As some of you know I have a crappy bad back with a touch of scoliosis 👍 OMG......

Next step up from oramorph??

Hey everyone so I’m currently on a lot of medication for my chronic pain the str...


I have spent all day at the hospital with severe pain on breast rib and back was...
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