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Concerned about husband diabetic type 2

My husband is diabetic overweight and smoker, he was on metformin 1000g , now on...

Looking for some help, advice or anything please x

Hi please strap in for this novel i will try and be as brief as possible. Diagn...

10 Day Sensor

The sensor lasted its 10 days! I’m so happy! There were a few glitches/alarms/...
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Carbs. & Type 2 Diabetic

Very recently my husband has been diagnosed with type 2. I'm trying to find out...

Hot back with Type 2 diabetes

Hi has anyone who has Diabetes Type 2 experienced a continuously very hot back? ...

Bad Sensor!: DEXCOM 11-17-2021

I have been using a sensor that was inserted on 11-11-2021. That sensor had to ...
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New Sensor Last Night-- 11-1-2021

Hi everyone. Here's the update on what has been happening with the old sensor. ...
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Starting and Stopping: DEXCOM

Well, I can't believe how things went for the last 10 days with the old sensor. ...
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Protein in the blood could predict Type 2 Diabetes years before it develops. 💙

Hi everyone, This is interesting research and done on a large scale in Sweden wh...
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The Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation (DRWF) is a registered charity, established in 1998 to raise pub...

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