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Bad news at 18+4.

Unfortunately baby has passed away within the past 24 hours. Not really sure wha...

I get to post a frikkin *sensitive post* 🙏🤰🥚😇😳😱❤️

So... yeah... I can’t quite believe it... 1. I’m 43 2. My ‘period’ cramps have b...

‼️⚠️Sensitive post⚠️‼️ 8/8/19

After a week of drama; two failed sweeps due to baby’s heartbeat being on the hi...

***SENSITIVE POST**** 12 week scan

I'm posting this for 2 reasons, 1. To say thanks for the support of this group a...

7 week scan: there’s a baby and a heartbeat!!!!

Hi all! So we had our 7 week and 4 day scan today and were very emotional when w...
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