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Time to stop

Hi. I've decided to quit the habit after over 3 decades of smoking. I wouldn't d...

🏅📆Missed my 2 and a half years milestone....📆🏅

which was last Saturday, St Patrick's Day, but was away and only thought of it n...

Champix week 4 - 6 Days no smoking (although i did try one 4 days in and it was horrid)

Hi there, so im on my 4th week of champix now. And it took until the 21st day o...

My gift for my 55 th birthday!

I’m going to be 55 in a few months, My gift gift to me, is to be smoke free on ...

🏡At last, first lawn cut of the year....🌞🌱

and boy was it just delightful to be able to get the amazing smell of freshly cu...
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