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Apologies from your group admin, Helen

I am very sorry that I haven't been in here nurturing this HU community. Nutrir...

Newly created

Hi, from KCK metro!

How to stay away from sweets

How can I just not crave chocolate! Well all sweets in general.

How does Nutriri Mindful Eating work?

Hi everyone I am a new member. Can you help me? How does Nutriri Mindful Eating ...

Hi I'm kimberley and I'm new to this website and group

Hi I'm kimberley and I'm new to this website and group

Just joined

Mindful eating vs Food Addiction -need help ,hope can learn lots here.

Body Image and mental wellbeing

So much of our esteem / wellbeing / happiness levels can be attributed to how we...

Wonderful that you are following Nutriri*

A quick post just to say - thank you - for following us here on HealthUnlocked! ...


Hello if you are reading this! My name is Helen James and I have been facilitat...
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Changing the diet industry "for good"; we believe that restrictive dieting "for profit" isn't a lasting soluti...

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