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The Australian Sjögren's Syndrome Association
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Drugs to treat Sjögren’s

Hi all I’m currently taking Hydroxychloroquine 400mcg I have been offered Azath...

Sore nose

Does anyone diagnosed with Sjogrens have issues with a sore nose? Not from blow...

Red palms sjogrens?

Hi does anyone else have red palms and sjogrens? I feel the two are related. I ...

Does anyone has had good effect of any medication for dryness (inflammation of salivary and lacrimal glands)? Many thanks..

Hello to everyone in SS Community, I am new to the group. Hope you are all feel...

Helping your teeth and mouth

I have primary sjogrens markers, dry mouth and nose, supposedly dry eyes, no sys...
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The Australian Sjogren's Syndrome Association Inc. was incorporated in Parramatta in 2001, although due to ill... Read more
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