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I hate being my self I wish I pretended to be someone else

Sometimes i want to pretend to be a different person because i want to be accept...

autism help

I have suspected autism,I’ve been to the docs about it and nothing has been put ...

I wish I was born normal

You read that right I wish I was born normal instead of born autistic I hate my ...


I’ve been given this link by shout after feeling suicidal after a late diagnosis...

Autistic daughter

My 4 year old daughter is diagnosed autistic and non verbal. The services haven...

Too good at masking

What do you do when you have someone close to you who doubts or even completely ...


How hard is the assessment? I'm on the waiting list but I just keep getting told...

Self Diagnosed

Is self diagnosis of autism accepted here?😶

Out at work?

Has anyone had a beneficial experience requesting accommodations or letting empl...

When kids are bored

Some activities/ideas
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This Autism Support Community is an online peer to peer support network of people affected by autism. If you, ...

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