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A good cancer

Just wondering how all of us with a \"good\" type of cancer are doing..this phra...

Gastrointestinal bleeding investigation for anaemia?

Hi was diagnosed with cll 4yrs, bloods going up wbc90 lymphocytes 95 all other b...

Finished breaking and started fixing: MRD - in the blood after CAR-T therapy

Hi, It was been an intensely dark and painful journey (see https://cllsociety.or...


Hi everyone. I have some recent results I wanted to share with you regarding the...

Started taking Imbruvica March 2018

Hi, I started taking Imbruvica and was wondering if it will help with a stuffy r...
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The CLL Support Association (CLLSA) is a patient led support charity founded in the UK In 2005. The remit of ... Read more
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