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FDA Frontline Approval of Venetoclax and Obinituzumab in the USA

Hi, Venetoclax in combination with obinutuzumab has been approved frontline for ...

Bone marrow biopsy

Had bone marrow biopsy earlier....he struggled to get the needle in...I'm so sca...

Discomfort and recovery from bone marrow biopsy

Hi..having bone marrow biopsy tomorrow and truly I'm scared. If anyone could sha...

Any other members put on a lower dose of Ibrutinib after some extreme side effects?

Apparently the Ibrutinib worked so well that my spleen had literally shrunk in d...

Anyone doing 200 mg Venetoclax instead of 400 mg?

My numbers are all good on 200 mg venetoclax including very low ALC. Whenever I ...
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