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severe Leg Muscle pain and weakness Using Ibrutinib daily.... want to try every other day, thoughts ?

81 years old , in decent shape, (try to play pickle ball 3 times a week,) in 201...

140mg of Ibrutinib per day

Hello everyone My wife Gabriella started Ibrutinib in January with the regular ...

Ibrutinib and Medicare

In researching part D options it seems like the out of pocket cost per year will...

Those of you who have had Obinituzumab, What's the procedure getting started? (Also RBC transfusions related to Anemia)

Waiting for insurance approval for V+O, have been reading a ton, but I have not ...

MD Anderson/Mayo or Peter MacCallum for treatment?

Hi all, My husband is just diagnosed with CLL with WBC at 49, Platelet at 77, e...
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