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Heavy growth vaginal swap 19 weeks

Please help. I have gone on a Google rampage and I am stressing out. I went to t...

22 weeks pregnant and tested positive for strep b

Hi everyone I am 22 weeks pregnant and was admitted to hospital with bleeding, a...

Should Hep B patient take Bactrim Forte (Sulfametoxazol 800mg+trimetoprim 160mg ) for 10 days after ciprofloxacin fail to clear widal 1/160?

Patient has Urobilinogen of 3.2. how can he clear Typhoid Fever? continue with ...


I tested positive for Gbs at 35 weeks & is having a planned csection , just wond...

Group B Strep

Hi, I delivered my baby via planned c section and he was born with congenital pn...
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This is a community dedicated to helping those affected by group B Strep (GBS). GBS is a common bacterium th... Read more
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