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Moving on

I’m hoping to go to college just part time but it’s going to cost a lot and I’m ...

Return to work worries

Hi all .. going to have mine health and wellbeing interview on 4th September.. D...

Are you loving or hating this lovely summer weather!!!!

What are you all wearing now that we have such great weather. are you wearing t-...

Stressful times

I’m feeling a bit down in the dumps I know I shouldn’t beat myself up about it b...

Hi Everyone

I’m a Stage 4 stay at home mom. My kids are thankfully a little older but it’s s...

Say Hello

Hi everyone we have some new followers maybe you would like to say a little abou...

Decoding Cancer Talk


What's your biggest worry at the moment about your Melanoma diagnosis

Your Diagnosis

Maybe you would like to share what it was like to find out you had Melanoma

Hello Welcome to Melanoma Support Ireland

Hello everyone and a big welcome, we hope you find our new forum a great benefit...

Introduce yourself

Why not leave a short comment below and introduce yourselves. Give as much or as...


If you’ve just arrived as a Pioneer member this is where it all begins. HealthUn...
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About us

Melanoma Support Ireland is a Peer led support organisation. We were set up by a group of Irish melanoma patie...

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