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Now!vember Quest: Week 3 💥Awesome!!!💥Keep it going 😊

Hi all! We're getting near to the halfway point now, and I'm seeing some amazing...

This morning I ran 10k. Say what? 💪😀

I’m a little numb. How did that happen? 🤔😀🤔😀🤔 On June 11th this year I set ...

At last my first non-stop 10k!

Finally! It's taken me a long time to get there but today I found the time and m...

Parkrun Frolicking!! 🙃❤️

Hello Runners What can I say?......Aggggh what’s going on?! I missed the start ...

Magic 10 - W2R1 - 6K ...and new running gadget!

I'll admit it: I do struggle to get myself to run at a slower pace. I do really ...
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NEW 10 is the Magic Number with Juju
January 11, 2019 12:00

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