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Young Adult Stress Support

Let's lighten the mood

What's your favourite meal? Chloe

overthinking / stress / anixety what is the name why I’m getting these numbness on my head where I feel like my head is tight ..?

I been feeling like a good dose of brain fog or honestly don’t know how to expla...

How is stress affecting you and ....

how are you managing it at present? Chloe

Happy New Year! Name the weirdest gift you received?

Let us know, the oddest, the worst and the weirdest present you had. Chloe

I feel like stress I do not believe bravery to take that

When I have exam I do not believe my self and start to study to achieve. I am sc...

I feel very bad and sad. Help me please

I have an exam on tomorrow and I am really sad and feel uncomfortable. I hear th...

Send me comforting words

Tomorrow I pick up my car and drive for the first time alone. Maybe to you this ...

Lost after breakup

Hello all, I don't know what to write, I'm totally lost after breakup. I don't...

Hi everyone!

What did you do over the weekend? Chloe

Hi and a warm welcome

Come on in and introduce yourself! I’m Chloe your Young Adult Stress Support Adm...

For many of us life is beginning to show...

signs of getting back to some normality, do you sense this move forward or are y...


Hi I'm 23 and I've never done anything like this before and I've always thought ...

Insomnia and stress

Hi I'm Antony I struggle with managing stress And I've recently developed insomn...

Are you looking forward to getting back to college or work?

Love to hear from you! Chloe

Are you still in lockdown and how are you handling it?

Some of us are struggling right now, so we love to know how you're managing. Chl...

Who do you turn to when you have a problem or worry, be it personal, health, work or education?

How about me> Chloe <3

Have you been reaching out to friends for support more...

since lockdown began Chloe<3

What's in your diary for February?

I'd love some ideas <3 Chloe<3

Are you studying from home

And how is that going for you? <3

Something's wrong lately

So, ever since the lockdown started and I finally found time to be with myself, ...


Hey, I'm new and I'm looking for some help coping up with my stress and depressi...

Name 3 things that get you through the day!

Any 3 things you have or do every day. Chloe<3

Want to tell your story?

Why not take this opportunity to get it off your chest? We'd love to hear from y...

How is the current lockdown affecting you?

We've all been affected one way or another, so please let us know how you are co...

This is your chance!

I wanted to give you the opportunity to tell us what you felt about this past ye...

How are doing?

Do drop in and let me know Chloe

Welcome to all new members

Come on in and introduce yourself, we'd love to hear from you <3 Chloe

Hello new here

Hello my name is Hiba I am new here trying to develop good coping strategies fo...

Hey everyone

Are lockdown where you live and how is that affecting your emotions? Chloe<3

How are you doing?

Love to hear from you! Chloe
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