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Fatty liver reversa

I've been diagnosed with NAFLD. I was wondering if anyone on here has reversed ...

Hello my son has NASH at 22yrs of age....he will be 23 in 4days.

Hi all I’m new to this forum. My son has fatty liver but on farther testing he w...

Fatty liver ultra sound painful

I had an ultra sound on my liver this last week and it hurt. As the probe was be...

Do you have NASH, F3 or F4, and have an interest in helping educate others about this disease?

There is growing interest in educating people about the risks of liver disease a...

Polycystic ovaries can lead to diabetes

At my Dr's office a nurse and I were talking about female organ issues, attempte...
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When I was diagnosed with this disease I got the best support and information from


If you struggle with liver disease you need to understand how the body works . Our goal is to help you achieve that so that you can deal with disease effectively.

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