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Menopause Help

Hi all I have been struggling for months and months now to lose weight. I am do...
Restart June 2022

Frustrated with Weight Loss (Especially with Belly Fat)

Hello, I don’t know how to make it short and simple. Basically, I just feel like...

An extra special reason to stick with the programme

Okay so, I started the keto 800 diet last week after falling off the fitness wag...


Anyone on here using Saxenda to loose weight? I am and it’s not really working f...
2022 August

The DrinkLess Club - SuperDry September

Hi everyone, and a very happy September to you. It's the start of the year if y...

Keeping your mind positive and being loving to yourself

I think the most important thing is keeping are minds positive and loving oursel...
2022 September

Smart hula hooping

Hi I was wondering if anyone has used or is currently using a smart hula hoop to...
Restart August 2022

Just to make you laugh.

Sorry this is off topic, but I thought it would brighten everyone's day. Along w...
2022 April

Joke of the day

Relatable 😆
2022 June

I’m back!

I dipped into this site before but I’m back again! From my initial post I have s...
Restart August 2022

Weight loss help

Hi im a 30 year old male that currently weighs 16 stone 10lbs and im 5 ft 4 tall...
2022 September

Female 50s in Liverpool need to lose weight anyone want to walk with me.

Maybe regular long walks I don’t have time for so I haven’t joined a walking gro...
Restart Sept 2022

Started to lose weight again

I've tried many ways before, but failed。I want to try ketogenic diet this time。H...
2022 September

Joke of the day

2022 June

Joke of the day


Low impact video

awsome .Paul Eugene on youtube has low impact and seated exercise
2022 September

newbie haven’t got a cluebie

hi Not sure how I long my weight.
2022 September

Weight loss

hi it's not hard to loose weight if you are motivated I have serve copd broncech...

First weigh in today

weight today 12st 8lbs Ideal weight 11st 7lbs
2022 September
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