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Maintainers Club July 2021

Hi fellow maintainers. Hope you are all doing well. How are you feeling? We are...
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Daily Diary for Wednesday 21st July 2021

Hi Everyone It's my first go at hosting today and I wanted to share something I'...

Confused.... very!

I was having about 1,200 cals per day and not losing anything. Probably picking ...
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Yassa2021 March

Weight loss

Hi I’m here to get some information on how I can lose weigh, I’m really struggli...
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Rosie20212021 August

Saturday inspiration for newbies

Hi I am here to try lose 3 stone so I can have hip surgery. Struggle with mobil...

Possible pre diabetic

Loads going on with my health and now I could be pre diabetic I am very over wei...

Lemon polenta cake

So, after yesterday's success in the kitchen and my son promising to make a frie...
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Eating at 2am? Before work

Hello My name is Alex and I'm on a weight loss journey. For the last 2 years I...
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Haynes2016Restart August 2021

A warning NHS prescription charges will continue until you're 66

NHS PRESCRIPTION CHARGES AGE TO BE EXTENDED from 60 TO 66 Currently in England w...

My opp

Well my day has arrived. Fasting from 7am. Sont know when I shall next eat. Must...

Strawberry Tarts

Well, after being tempted by Mitzy200 's strawberry tarts yesterday, I had a go ...
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2 Week Holiday Binge 40pints

Had been on NHS weight loss program successfully since 01/03/2021 losing 2 stone...
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14202021 March

New to this page

Hi. How to begin? I need to loose more weight than I weighed when I was 31! I ha...


I have been given Naproxen and also Omeprozole . I have only been taking them fo...


Hello everyone, I’m a lady 53 years of age. I have dwarfism my height is 3’9 and...
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Lilyorky2021 June

Just joined

Hi All, joined up on Monday though I started by myself 1st May 21, I’ve a goal o...

Weigh in - starting weight

Hi starting weight 18 stone 2 lbs . Need to be 15 stone for hip op so onwards an...
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Hipop20212021 July

Not Diabetic and not even pre diabetic

Hi everyone, thanks for all your help and advice got my results and everything w...

need help

could you pls advice me on a healthier breackfast options for a vegan with 380 c...
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alaaddinHealthy BMI

Back on track

Well I back on track. Had 3 weeks off. Holidays etc. Good news. I didnt gain. No...

Glucose tolerance test

Hello again thanks for your kind replies before, I'm off for a GTT on Wednesday ...

Crystals for weight loss

Hi I was just wondering if any one on here had ever tried using crystals to help...

Shielded now on prediabetic list

I have now had a letter from doctor saying I am prediabetic.this is since being ...
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Maggiemaynot43Restart July 2021

Body fat

I started my weight loss journey on Jan 1st this year. I started a fb group and ...
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TGR99Restart June 2021

3 months passed ..

Since I last posted ....in my socks 😁my weight is now 13.8 not much of a differ...
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CazzhicksRestart April 2021

Hi. Another newbie here!

Hey there. I am here to try to get my head in the game to lose my last stone/sto...
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Rosyjo1232021 July


Hi all how much water do you all add to your shakes
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Jenbaksh2021 July

Low carb meal ideas

Hi. I’m new to the site and looking to try a low carb plan for a few weeks to se...

how can i lose weight and be consistent with my plan and will?

hi can you please help me to lose weight as everyday im gaining weight which is ...
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joylal2021 July

Aladdin the southpaw is back again.

after long time ago when I started to lose weight , I was 153 kg and now i am en...
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alaaddinHealthy BMI
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