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I'm sabotaging myself.

I hit my one year anniversary for being on my weight loss journey on Thursday du...

Daily Diary for Saturday June 5th 2021

Hi everyone, Welcome to the Daily Diary for Saturday June 5th! If you're new t...

Evening binging

Hi, Does anyone have any advice to help with evening binging? I am 58 and my wei...
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Westieowner2020 August

FIT IS FUN!! Monday 10/05/2021 to Sunday 16/05/2021

Hello everyone and welcome to the Fit is Fun Club! Fit for Fun is an all inclusi...

Daily Chat for Thursday 13 May 2021

SHOES. I had no idea what I was going to talk about today. Until after I had fi...

Introducing Myself

Hi, a good friend recommended this site to me as I’m struggling with my weight, ...

12 week programme

Hi everyone I have just completed my 12 week programme and I lost another 3 lbs ...

I,m getting there.

This is me....... Have lost two and a half stone. All by myself and i feel good....

All the help I can get!

Hi all, having previously lost 4 stones on SW - since first lockdown I have mana...

Calorie counting and needing help

Hello you lovely people. So I have just started calorie counting to see if I can...
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TalliebobsRestart June 2021

Todays lose

Another 2lb lost this week. Is it me or is this lovely weather making it harder...

Weight and Calorie app

Morning beautiful people! If someone could please tell me about one app (free) ...
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PLopezzzNursing mum 2021


Hi there! I'm a new member & I would like to know whether there is someone in he...
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Ndaa2021 May


Well I have had a very difficult week as work has been manic. Early starts and u...

AV node ablation

Has anyone had an AV node ablation? I have had 3 ablations. Af for 25 years off ...
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Adalaide2020Restart June 2021

Sharing my Journey

Hi everyone! I am new to this forum so I wanted to share my journey with you. ...
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clairemp2021 June

New member Hi !

Hi Thanks for reading, so I’m in my 40’s needing to loose 2st. My problem is I ...

Weight lose

Well I have lost again this week. Now a total of 26 lbs in just under 9 weeks. A...

Hi Again

Hi Everyone ! I have not posted for a while now (it’s been actually 4 months! �...
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EllaS2020Restart June 2021

Hello world I am FAT I have said it now to become a slim man again

Hi there I am a full time carer for my wife and I have been fighting with weight...

Starting tomorrow 😬

So tomorrow is going to be day 1 for me, I’ll weigh myself tomorrow and hopefull...
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Louise0842021 June

A new start

I've been doing the NHS weight loss app, counting calories this week, my starti...

Trying hard and seeing some progress

Start weight - 93 +kg Last week's weight (or date of last weigh-in) - 84kg Wei...

Binging CD

Difficult to stop binging in the evening best thing is to eat early before 7 and...
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Rheywood180381Restart June 2021

How do you upload your thumbnail photo

I notice most of you have a thumbnail photo in your identity - how do you upload...


Hey guys, its satisfying to eat right and staying healthy. But the journey towar...
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boby292021 June

Weight loss.

On the left was a photo taken November 2019 at Angkor Wat Cambodia, I weighed ov...

Weight loss tecnique

Hi, any weight loss tecnique that you are currently doing can anyone share me so...
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Suranjit2021 June

NHS Weightloss App help

Hello, I'm very new here and am feeling really vulnerable at the moment. I hate ...


Hi, been lurking a while & have read posts about this but TBH most of it goes ov...
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