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Hi Everyone sorry a bit late technical problems:) Well here we are into Week Tw...


Hi Everyone after some gently persuasion from my wonderful weigh in group WW I h...

Daily Chat for Thursday 13 May 2021

SHOES. I had no idea what I was going to talk about today. Until after I had fi...


Well I have had a very difficult week as work has been manic. Early starts and u...

Top 5 things that ruin weight-loss plan

Hello everyone, what are the Top 5 things that can ruin your weight-loss plan? I...
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Yellow_Blue2020 December


I have been taking part in the NHS 12 week weight loss programme and am on the T...
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WalkinggrannyRestart May 2021

Eat Eggs on expiry date

Hi found a carton of eggs in cupboard and date was 8th will they be okay to eat ...

Uni interview worry

My Oxford interview is next Tuesday. I’m a grown woman of 40 with an excellent a...

Weight not moving

I started losing weight last year up until Xmas and lost 2 stone between august ...

Hope you don't mind.

Hope you don't mind my posting on here, I've been posting the LCHF forum for som...

I’m new here amd confused!

I was diagnosed type2 diabetes last September and advised to reduce carbs. I’ve ...
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Max1572021 May

Just needing some diet buddies

Hi I am currently disgusted with myself and need to lose 2 stone at least. Put l...
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Cat3333Restart April 2021

Weight loss plans

Weight loss plans - what plans are you on and how are you finding them? I know I...

I'm in trouble

Struggled to get back on track since my holiday. Reverted back to being unable t...

Gaining weight yet dieting

I am currently on my 6th week of dieting with my daily calorie intake being 2572...

Normal BMI

I worked out the above today and for the first time in decades I'm within the no...

Seeking inspiration

Hi everyone, I'm a night owl I'm afraid! So here I am lying awake as usual worr...

Back to reality

Positive stuff first: Well I'm back from my holiday, I had a lovely 5 days away ...

What do you do to loose your belly fat ?

Hello everyone! I really struggle to loose my belly fat. I manage to loose weig...
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Yellow_Blue2020 December

Why we eat too much

Hi everyone. I am currently reading a book by Dr Andrew Jenkinson entitled Why W...
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Zendaya2021 March

How do you weigh-in?

Hello everyone! When is the best time to weigh-in? Our weights keep fluctuating ...
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Yellow_Blue2020 December

Why is this important to you?

I found you by chance yesterday and giving it a go. Not a great one for social m...

I weigh about 18st 5ibs.

I really want to lose weight but I don't get out much, because of my Anxiety.

Names and Places

2019 was a terrible year for me. My life and business collapsed and I was in des...
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TheGalicianRestart May 2021

Hello from Brawny

He steps up to the microphone...taps to make sure it is on... Hello I’m new here...
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Brawny772021 April

Messed up

Hi all, I have been doing really well on the NHS 12 week plan for nearly 2 weeks...

Near my goal of 13st 5lb started off at 18st 11lb on 7th January 2019 weighing at 13st 11lb lost 5 stone now !!!

Just weighed in at 13st 11lb 👍👍
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EnrouteRestart May 2021

Help need Recipe plans for high cholesterol

Hi recently diagnosed high cholesterol so wanting to lose some pounds and eat as...

My weight today

Lost 3lbs this week and now have meet my 1st target for my opp. My total lose t...

Who want to be on Keto with me

Hello! does anyone here is or want to start on Keto diet? I’ve already lost 15 l...
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Lena002021 April
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