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Doctors don’t listen when it comes to endometriosis 😡

Am sitting in altnagelvin right now Ward 43 ,was admitted with stomach pain . ...

Anyone else have pelvic pain when needing to go to do a number 2?

Hi all! I was told 5 years ago I had endometriosis! I am managing pain better, ...

10 weeks post op but still in so much pain. Is this normal?!

So had my lap done over 10 weeks ago now and the Endo was all removed. However I...

3 weeks after my hysterectomy

Hi All ☺️ Just wanted to post as a few have asked how I’m doing after my total ...

Hi my daughter hasnt had period since last March and suffers from bloating 24/7, back pain , headaches.would anyone pls be able to help

17Year old daughter no period and bloating
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