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Hospital has now refused to do a post morton on father!

The death cert reads 1a) Multi Organ Failure 1b) Pneumoccal pneumonia 2 ) Co...

My father has septic shock, pleae help!

My dad who is 82 years old, has been in hospital for around two week now with S...

If you are stressed will this make pneumonia worse if you have it?

My father has died from pneumonia and septisis shock however before he was put ...

My dad was extubated on propofol, and died.

Hi everyone My dad was extubated a few days ago. They turned his ventilator off ...

Flu Jab, anyone on here have a bad reaction from it?

My father had it done a few days before going into hospital with pneumonia and i...
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ICUsteps (the Intensive Care Unit Support Teams for Ex-Patients) was founded in 2005 by ex-patients, their rel... Read more

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