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I'm new, just saying hello

I'm Val, I'm 60yrs young and I have lymphoedema in both legs. My swelling is now...

The Catch 22 situation

A few years ago the rules changed and we could pick and choose where we wanted t...

Why you should drink water

For those of us living with lymphoedema it is so important to drink plenty of fl...

Keep cool at night

I love my cotton sheets at night. I also keep a spare top in the fridge in a pl...

Community Guidelines

Welcome to the L-W-O Community - Community for support of lymphoedema! We’re v...
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About us

Welcome to the L-W-O Community. We are a non-profit group set up in September 2013 for anyone who lives with ... Read more

L-W-O Community

We are a non-profit, that receives no funding. We rely on the generosity of our members to operate both online and in the community where we attend health and well-being events.