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Newly diagnosed son

Hello everyone! My son was just diagnosed yesterday with JA. He has bilateral s...


Hey everyone! Newby alert! I am an adult JIA Warrior who is raising my daughter ...

We have a special announcement!

#juvenilearthritis #jia #kidsgetarthritsitoo #juvenileidiopathicarthritis

Help! - 12 year old RF + IgG 92.9 IgM 20 IgA 24.8 - but CCP test negative - symptoms of RA in Spine - but doctor thinks we are crazy!

So its been almost a year trying to figure out what has been wrong with my daugh...

What symptoms do adults with JIA experience?

Hi I'm new to this forum and hoping there may be some other adults with JIA here...
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About us

This community is for individuals and/or carers of children with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA). This is ...

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