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Are there any side effects from PD?

Hi everyone and Happy New Year! Does PD make you go to the bathroom? And for tho...

Looking for someone like me

Who has no kidneys,to share everyday problems,hopes,dreams & accomplishments.


Ok been on PD for 7 months or so and have had all kinds of side affects. Any hel...

I am wondering how those at stage 5 are feeling since you aren’t on dialysis.

Stage 5 no dialysis yet

Kidney Failure & Dialysis

Hello, I'm very new to this chat I was referred to a couple of them currently I ...

Anti-anxiety medicine

Whats a good antianxiety medicine to take before dialysis. I cant get thru a ful...


Could someone please tell me is there a risk of me doing PD while being obese? S...

Doing PD at home

Does anyone do PD at home? Could you please explain how your doing with your tre...


Happy New Year everyone, I hope it's a Prosperous, uplifting,. and safer Year f...

Happy Holidays

I Wish you all an uplifting, re-energising Christmas and all the best for a Much...
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