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Living with Lyme Disease UK
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Has anyone failed a atch test or take hydrocortisone.. what is the correct dosage?

Hey can I ask Does anyone in his group take hydrocortisone? If so can you pleas...

PETITION: Make Medicinal Cannabis widely available for those living with Chronic Illnesses

Medicinal Cannabis is due to be available in the UK on prescription from Novembe...

Typical Lyme symptoms

I received a nip at the back of my neck at the beginning of June this year (whil...

It's Avril Lavigne's Birthday today and it's one she thought she might not reach

Hello Members! :) Avril Lavigne recently returned to her music career after her...

FAQ How do I deal with Cyberbullying, Trolling, Spammers and abusive comments or messages?

Hello LWLD Members! :) Unfortunately ALL communities can experience members who...
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