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Hi, Sorry If this reply to this post is too long First I would just like to say...


Wife is on cycle (month) #99 of Votrient!


To All the New People

New drug consultation

Hi everyone! I would like to know if someone from the community experimented wit...

Lifestyle whilst on chemo

Hi there I’ve recently been diagnosed with kidney cancer. I’ve had surgery and h...

Submit questions for a video resource library

Greetings! I’m seeking your suggestions for common questions about kidney canc...

Hope everyone is doing well.

My wife is now on cycle (month) #80 of Votrient...

Will Kidney function improve after gemzar/cisplatin

I hovered at creatinine of 1.1 to 1.3 during treatment but 4 weeks after treatm...

Still worried :(

I had my left kidney removed in July 2016 I have Stage 3 kidney cancer. I know I...

Welcome to all the new people

Please ask questions

FB Live - 6/10, 1:00ET: “You’re Told You Have Kidney Cancer. Now What?”

Hi folks, I thought you might be interested in this program: The Kidney Cancer A...

New here

Hello, I’m 51, and whilst been in hospital following surgery for a hysterectomy,...


Other than myself, has anyone had genetic testing done to see if you carry the g...

Treatments after Immunotherapy

Hello! After the operations my doctors gave me Sutent for 7 months. Then there w...


Hello everyone. Hope everyone is doing ok?

Controlling stress

I'm new and it's clear by everything I've read that controlling stress when you ...

Positive margins

At 38 I was diagnosed with stage 1 Grade 2 clear cell renal cell carcinoma. I ha...

To All New People “Welcome”

If you are new please ask questions or contribute to postings. Please always rem...

Grade 1

After partial nephrectomy pathology result is renal cells carcinoma, grade 1, t1...

Another question about grade of cancer

The thing I don't understand is if they cut the tumor out with clear margins and...

Stage or grade??? Which is the stronger factor for predicting reoccurance or metastasis?

Just wondering what you all think... If you had to choose would you prefer stage...

New to group, wanted to share experience

Hello all. New to the group, but wanted to share a bit of my experience. I'm 32 ...


So I have a question. Does everybody need an oncologist? Or is your surgeon / ur...

New to this group and have some questions

I was diagnosed with stage 1 RCC in April 2018. It was an incidental finding. I ...

New Here: Question Regarding Kidney Cancer Followup Care

I'm a 44-year old male and I was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma (kidney can...

Support Of Family and or Friends

Have your family or friends. Treated you differently since diagnose?

Side Effects on TKIs Drugs

Which side effects do you have?

CT Scans

Are you getting your CT Scans with or without contrast?


How many people had a port in place?

Managing side effects

How is very one managing their side effects?
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