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Dealing physically and emotionally with the “fall out” from seeing old froends

Dear all I imagine I know what the advice will be if anyone has the time, energy...

I have Cfs/m.e and pots but am going through investigations for a 3rd time due to having vertigo etc the past 6months. Any Tips on coping?

Very worried it’s untreatable. It took the Doctors years and years to find out I...

Uk GPs only now informed of WHO classification 1995

As of 1/8/18 UK goverment recognises M.E/CFS as neurological as per WHO 1995 May...

Sparked by MrsMouse

Words supplied for belting it out purposes. Besides man on airing pain podcast a...


Every time I have a crash which usually lasts for two months, all I can think of...
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