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Daughter diagnosed CFS-ME, struggling with professionals different views and attitudes.

in short approx. 2 years ago our now 7 year old started to become exhausted cons...

Worth a thousand words ...

For those who have not encountered it, the Chronic Illness Inclusion Project is ...

Newbie here.Why am I so sleepy?

I have had ? ME ? Addisons? POTS ? anything you want to insert here!! for a few ...

B12 1500

Anyone has had B12 level of 1500 and using a b12 spray and has had injections wi...

Band of fire

Hi all, Hope everyone is managing to cope today, I have a question for you all, ...
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If ever been seen by UK 'CFS/ME' clinics what was your experience? Tick any that apply. (Will be more polls on this subject in future too!)

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