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I’m sure I have Crohns!!

What are the different ways to test for Crohns?? I have had blood tests which ha...

Did you ever tried alternative treatments for Crohn's disease?What treatment were these and what were the results? Answer me please!!

I'm from Brazil, and here medicine on terms of Crohn disease are not very evolve...

Old Crohnie newbie here

Hi all, I was fifty earlier this year and have lived with Crohn's for approx 36 ...

Did you hear about treatments with D vitamin,ozone therapy,cannabis oil or LDN ?Did you ever tried? Please, tell me your experience, thanks❤

I'm from Brazil, and sorry for my English, I hope you understand me. And if you ...

Im new here

I am a student and my student life hasn't been normal. I got diagnosed with crow...
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