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just found out i have pmr after on painkillers 4 three year

PMR + osteoarthritis. Dear all, Can anyone relate to my combination PMR + osteoarthritis? I am 74, female.

PMR since last summer, at the moment 6.25mg Prednisolone daily, plus medication ...

question about biphosphonates

when my mother takes her biphosphonate medication it makes her really unwell. S...
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When to take prednisolone

When I started taking pred almost a year ago, I took it with my evening meal but...

Is there any financial help from the state for people who have pmr.

first chest infection, then water infection, now very weak, is this all PMR

I have had asthma all my life, live with it pretty well, now had bad flair up. b...

is this also pmr?

i am having second flare up of pmr..but this time tastebuds gone everything tas...

The pred seems to be effecting my tendons in elbows, one knee and hands. Any advice would be appreciated. Pats.

Inflammatory factors

I had the results of the latest blood test yesterday. The ESR was OK but the CRP...

At the rheumies conference.

Hi everybody I have just come back from a day at the annual British Society of ...
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