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is this also pmr?

i am having second flare up of pmr..but this time tastebuds gone everything tastes awful ..also fuzzy head and stiffness....

been doc 1st time bloods taken and up preds. to 5mg from 2mg. which didn't help with relieving symptoms ...... back to docs and results showed ers up a bit and crp up to 18 (whatever that means)...still feeling awful too..doc puts up preds to 1st day feeling a bit better after 3 days....

is this all to do with pmr ....?

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Hello linda2

So sorry to hear that your symptoms do sound like a PMR flare, especially your mention of stiffness and raised ESR (Erithrocyte Sedmentation Rate) and CRP (C-Reactive Protein) blood test markers - when these are raised whilst suffering from PMR then it does mean that the inflammation is not completely under control. You haven't mentioned your ESR result but at 18 your CRP is above norml - normal ESR is anything between 1-20 and CRP anything between 0-10. However, having said that, there are a few people with PMR who never have raised markers, plus they can also increase when other infections/illnesses are lurking.

Many people find difficulty in reducing below 5mgs. I had a flare in symptoms at 3mgs and my rheumy increased me to 10 for a couple of weeks, then slowly reduced via 7.5 alternating with 5 before keeping me at 5mgs for 5-6 months. That did the trick and controlled the inflammation and I was then able to continuing reductions but at a much slower pace and in only half mg drops, tapering on only one day of the week initially, which seems to sort of trick the body into not noticing the reductions.

The good news is that you are starting to feel better after just 3 days back at 15mgs and hopefully you will be able to reduce smoothly from this high dose back down to where you last felt comfortable, and then remain at that dose for considerably longer next time.

Do hope some of this helps and you start to feel much better soon.


thank you celtic, this flare up just felt different to the last one which I kept thinking is this still pmr....I just hate that everything tastes awful..still lots to learn about doc didnt actual say what the esr was just that it hadnt gone up much..I am back there next week and will ask her. thanks again..


Hi Linda,

I've had pmr for at least 15 months. I have been into many web sites all over the world since I became ill. On studying reports of other peoples symptoms and also the advice given to me by two specialists, I have taken on board that pmr can effect almost every part of ones body. When I was on high to medium doses, pred certainly effected my sense of taste and smell. It also seemed to reduce my hearing capacity. When I reached 'burn out' I couldn't even see properly. When I reduced to below 9mg my senses began to return to normal. My take on this is that we are all different , but with time most, if not all, changes to our bodies will revert to what we would be normally expect for our ages. You might be interested to know that I am one of the sufferers who have never had any elevation in my blood inflamation results. Yet according both specialists I am a classic case for pmr.

Yesterday, I put my pred up to 9mg from 8mg. I am getting over shingles and it has resulted in a flare in symptoms. Tiredness, and pain in my tendons. In bed by 6. My poor partner had to cook the evening meal after a ten hour day. I drive myself on as long as I can. BAD! Can't help it. I expect you are the same, Being a semi - invalid doesn't sit well, does it?

Bless you.



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