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PMR provides an excellent opportunity to learn patience.

PMR will not be rushed. It is on its own schedule and ridding yourself of it requires respect for its maddeningly plodding pace.

PMR will not be rushed. It is a sloth train, charging ahead with the speed of a galloping snail. You are on that train. Say, "Whoopee!"

PMR will not be rushed. If you overshoot your taper, you will be reminded.

PMR will not be rushed. Hurry it along, push that river, nothing good will come.

PMR will not be rushed. It is of you, in you, part of you, but it does not march to your orders.

PMR will not be rushed. Sit with it like you'd sit with a sick friend. Do not drag your sick friend from bed. Visit. You are your sick friend.

PMR will not be rushed. You ARE special. You ARE unique. Still, your PMR will not be hurried along.

PMR will not be rushed. Tapering is like watching paint dry.

And remember, PMR will not be rushed.

26 Replies
bussell profile image

Oh how I agree!

PMRpro profile image

Brilliant - thank you very much!

tangocharlie profile image

Brilliant, oh so true!

123-go profile image

I like this! The message makes good sense and the touch of humour is uplifting. 😀Thank you!

Longtimer profile image

Very good!....

SheffieldJane profile image

Lovely and so true.

Kendrew profile image

Brilliant! Can you circulate this to all GP's and rheumatologists please?

123mossie profile image

That’s it, in a nutshell

Viv54 profile image

Brilliant , got it in one !

Washingup profile image

Thank you for reminding me.

DAW28 profile image

Succinctly put; you have hit the nail right on the head!

Tiredcat profile image

I love this, especially 'you are your sick friend.'

granofthewest profile image

How true, I'll try to remember your wise words when I'm feeling fed up with it.

Missus835 profile image

Facts. This should be passed along to the GP's and Rheumatologists who want you to taper at warp speed. Thank you for this reminder. ;)

PMRCanada profile image

Exactly!! Creatively written and accurate. Ill be printing it and posting it where I can see it every day AND sharing it with folks who need to read it!

Thank you for sharing this with us.

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Amen. So right. I tried rushing and paid the price. I’ve learned to understand and take it slow

Janetknit profile image

I absolutely love this inspiration… thank you!

Cosmos22Marigold profile image

Oh how true and so well put. My patience is finally paying off (i hope) and another 5 months of this very slow pace i hope to be off steroids.

Hildalew profile image

What a wonderful piece of writing¬ for once a good thing associated with PMR.

Finaltribute profile image

Thank you for the insight

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Feeling very very low at the mo and just read this. It's marvelous thanks so much for posting.

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to bonio

You OK?

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simps999 in reply to bonio

Sorry you are feeling low. I sympathise. I too am feeling fed up with the pains everyday. 😞

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This really cheered me up and made me smile. Thank you.

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I'm almost a year into my PMR train and The Others can't believe I am still on prednisone. Eye roll. Next time I will say PMR cannot be rushed. Thank you!

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