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I wanna share it with you all, you may find it very helpful too.. CHECK IT OUT H...

Craving toast and biscuits 😂

This cold weather just makes you want to eat toast and biscuits! I haven’t caved...
KAS402021 January

Hello 🙂👍

Hi , I’m into my 3rd week of couch to 5k . Just been on a run in the snow , to s...
Wattows12021 January
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Morning everyone hope you are ok and keeping safe just to let you know Iv been f...
Vamp6662021 January

I'm unravelling

I've only just joined this site but before joining I'd lost some weight by my se...
Justdoit5172021 January

Pre diabetic: Dr Michael Moseley's 8 week blood sugar diet

Hi, recently diagnosed as pre diabetic, reading the book and recipe book befor...
Lurcherlover2021 January

Giving it another go after 2 years

Hello well I'm rejoining after a hard 2020. Lost some weight then gained a bit b...
dish70Restart January 2021

Yorkshire tea-malty biscuit

If you are anything like me, I always crave something sweet with a cup of tea. I...
KAS402021 January

Happy Saturday!

Good morning! It’s a snowy one here where I am so just going to go for a long wa...
KAS402021 January

Newbie wanting to join.

Not sure how to join. I am not good with tech. Don’t know what my user name is? ...
webb942021 January

Back to the beginning

And so with a heavy heart I begin again after months of bad diet and no exercise...
MellowflakeRestart January 2021

Today’s menu

Hi 10.30 cup of tea. 12 egg in bread -coffee 3.30 coffee 5 an orange 7.30 fish a...
KoronaHealthy BMI

Walking my walk

I have yo yo dieted for many years. Always losing and then putting it back on pl...
BeardiePup2021 January

Getting there

Today I’m going to up my exercise and do a you tube class Wish me luck Stay sa...
Helenbrc2020 July

Tension headaches

I know this is not weight loss related, but perhaps some of you knowledgeable m...
Lay77772021 January

Amytripaline for fibro?

Hi I was eventually diagnosed with fibro about 5 years ago. Was on pregabalin fo...

I want to.loose weight

I want to loose 2 or 3 stone
Ladyvictoria2021 January


are there any celiacs trying to loose weight on here maybe handy for us to buddy...
cumbrianwobble2021 January


good afternoon my names anita and im a newbie to this site my start weight for m...
cumbrianwobble2021 January

My body seems to have reached its goal?

I am almost 61 , 5ft 1 inches tall and at my best weigh 62kg . I can't shed any...

Has any seen.

Has anyone seen the group on fb.called R H . Iv not join myself but looking on t...
Redbrook2021 January

Were to start

Hi .I'm 57.5ft.5. Wiegh 10st. Have a number of auto immune things.even thou my ...
Redbrook2021 January

Baffled and a bit shocked.

So in anticipation for my weigh-in tomorrow with the Monday Mass Movers, I weigh...

Feeling good, back on the weightless waggon!

Hmm...let me see. Decided to get 'back on the waggon' in new year. I went to a d...
MissDheartbeat2021 January

Southbeach diet

Hey fellow weight losers, i'm on the southbeach diet and have some questions abo...
Lay77772021 January

App recommendations for a newbie please

Hi I am new to the forum and about to start the NHS weightloss programme. I rece...
Vampyra2021 January

Diet Rage

Is there a way to lose weight without being REALLY grumpy?!
JimmyFrisco2021 January

Self sabotaging behaviour or just lacking motivation ..?

Not even sure why but yesterday was a complete disaster in the evening, the last...

19 BMI of 32.6

So my father started eating healthier recently and I hadnt weighed my self in a ...

NHS Weightloss Programme

Please someone share with me your NHS Weightloss Programme testimonials and tran...
dietingfordays2021 January

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